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People with Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a difficulty with thinking out, planning and carrying out sensory/motor tasks. The person with dyspraxia may have a combination of several problems in varying degrees.

These include :

  • poor posture and poor balance

  • poor motor co-ordination and sense of direction

  • difficulty with throwing catching a ball

  • poor awareness of body position in space

  • difficulty hopping, skipping or riding a bike

  • sensitive to touch

  • confused about which hand to use

  • find some clothes uncomfortable

  • difficulty with reading, writing

  • speech problems – late in learning to speak and speech may be incoherent

  • phobias or obsessive behaviour and impatient

Children with dyspraxia can be of average or above average intelligence but are often behaviourally immature. They try hard to fit in to socialy accepted behaviour when at school but often throw tantrums when at home. They may find it difficult to understand logic and reason.

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